August 2019

Dear Member

We are writing to all LPFT members to advise them of some improvements we have made. These changes are being implemented to modernise the systems we use to reflect changes in data protection legislation and modern life. The main changes and aims are to enable our members to follow their claims and to interact quickly and easily with their claim and us which we hope will expedite your journey when seeking help and support from us.

This will streamline our work and in turn your access to services will be faster and hopefully the cost savings will mean we can remain exceptionally competitive in all we do.
In order to implement these changes, we will be sending an email over the coming weeks which will ask you to complete a set of questions to confirm your contact details and to register to access your policy/policies via our new online portal. If you do not have an email address, please contact us.
This letter covers information for both the Medical Scheme and Group Insurance so it may be that only one section applies to you if you only have one policy. If, however you are interested in joining either Scheme please do get in touch and our staff will be happy to help.
One point we must raise for all members is that your payments are your responsibility so if for any reason you stop paying or your employment status changes please ensure you contact us immediately to ensure continuity of cover.

LPFT Medical Scheme
Regarding the LPFT Medical Scheme those with family members on their membership that are over 18 will need to confirm an email address for them individually and they will need to register separately to ensure confidentiality and compliance is adhered to. A new set of Terms and Conditions will be available on our website from 1st October 2019 For those unable to access the website then please contact us and we will post one to you.
There are some small price increases to the LPFT Medical Scheme, and they are listed below

These increases come into effect on the 1st October 2019.
Just by way of an example equivalent cover for a family of four with the policy holder aged 45 is under £84.00, with PMAS is approximately £150.00! Also, we have no upper age limit unlike others in the market.

We will also be launching a unique offer of combined insurance cover for those members of the LPFT Medical Scheme who are not serving Police Officers and over 18. This is especially ideal for members with grown up children as it provides worldwide travel cover, motor breakdown cover, mobile phone cover, legal expenses and access to mental health counselling for £13.50 per month. If you would like more information please visit our website

We feel this is invaluable cover for our members’ families and allows those not serving in the Police the ability to have affordable access to some parts of the cover others enjoy.
It is also our intention to open the LPFT Medical Scheme membership in Leicestershire only initially to extended family members. These being brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews of our members provided they live in the UK.

LPFT Group Insurance
There are no changes to the cover provided to those in the LPFT Group Insurance Scheme however going forward all changes and latest news will be done via the portal and all those wishing to make claims on the scheme can do so via this portal on our website. This remains great value for money saving on average £1200 per year for the combined cover we can offer, many parts of which are not even available on the High Street.
* * *
Please note that with effect of this letter and moving forward we will be advising all our members of any changes to the services, Terms and Conditions and prices we provide on the Schemes via the website, email and member portal along with text notifications. We will not be posting these details out which in short saves the members thousands of pounds in postage which in turn keeps costs and charges down for our members.

We will send you details of our 4 bedroom holiday lodge that you have use of . So many members are unaware of it and the fact that it can be hired by our members at discounted rates.

Also, we have free financial surgeries at our offices for our members. The details of these free surgeries that you are entitled to comes from listening to our members requesting advice on Pensions, Mortgages and financial legal matters. These details and dates will be sent to you via email and/or SMS from time to time and they are part of legitimate business interest for you to give you access to the services that you are entitled to from your membership.

Our hope is that once all the work is complete, we can provide you our members with a one stop point of contact that will guide and, help and support you and you families.
We also offer discounts for our members on new cars, travel and insurance and are always working on adding more. We are always open to suggestions from our membership as to what offers you would like to see from us so if you have a legitimate suggestion please pop it to us on an email and it will be considered.

Thank you as always for your custom and I trust you continue to enjoy the benefits we offer for many years to come.
Your sincerely

LPF Trusts Manager