December 2019

Dear member

We write to you as you are a member of our Medical Scheme. Our records show we do not have an email address recorded for you. Moving forward we will be sending all letters and updates electronically. It will also allow you access to your policy via our online portal and make any changes to your personal details and general access to our services and provisions.

If you do have an email address, I encourage you to supply one to us in order that you do not experience any delays when dealing with your claims.

I appreciate not everyone will have an email address however if you don’t have one please get in touch so we can make a note on your file and possibly make alternative arrangements.

All claims now are predominately dealt with by email including claim forms. This ensures we can provide the most expeditious service possible to our members.Please be aware alternative methods will not be as quick or efficient as we will have to rely on other services (e.g.: Royal mail) which will inevitably delay the service.

You can supply us with an email using the contact us tab on our website at

If you received a letter dated the 4th December 2019 and have already provided us with one, please ignore this.

Kind Regards

Ian Bukenya

Marketing & Media Officer