The Trustees may terminate the membership of a Member by giving the Member not less than 30 days’ notice in writing and the Member and Family Members shall not be entitled at the expiry of such 30-day period to any further benefit or payment from the Group Insurance Scheme.  This applies if a Member shall:

  1. 1. fail to pay any sum due to the LPF Trusts and their insurers within 30 days of the due date; or in the case of the Medical Scheme, fails to return the claim form and admin fee; or


  1. 2. obtain any benefit or payment in circumstances where such benefit or payment has been obtained as a result of the Member knowingly or recklessly furnishing or omitting to furnish the LPF Trusts or their insurers with all facts or otherwise dishonestly securing such benefit or payment; or


  1. 3. complete a Claim Form in a way the Member knowingly or recklessly omits to answer any question to the best of their knowledge or knowingly or recklessly includes an incorrect fact or fails to supply such other documents as may be requested by the LPF Trusts; or


  1. 4. make a dishonest or fraudulent claim of whatever kind; or


  1. 5. commit any material breach of these rules; or


  1. 6. prejudice or because of his or her behaviour or actions is likely in the reasonable opinion of the Trusts Management to prejudice the interests or reputation of the Trust Scheme or its Trustees; then the Trustees may, in its absolute discretion, resolve to expel the Member forthwith from the Medical Scheme or Group Insurance Scheme or both.