LPF Trusts Rules

 All members of the LPF Trusts Medical Scheme and LPF Trusts Group Insurance Scheme are equal members of the Trusts. The Trustees run the LPF Trusts Medical Scheme and LPFT Group Insurance Scheme at their absolute and sole discretion in accordance with the respective Trust Deeds and Trust Law.

The Trustees of the Trusts are appointed from the Scheme’s membership. Should a vacancy occur then notice will be sent to the wider membership seeking application from interested parties to be an appointed Trustee.  All applications will be considered by the standing Trustees. The new Trustee will be appointed by the standing Trustees.

If the Trusts are to be sold or otherwise cease to exist in their current form, then all assets will be divided amongst the existing members.  Such benefits to members will be based upon the number of years an individual has been a member of the Trusts.

The Trusts will always be a not for profit organisation.

The Trustees will ensure that they are accessible via their Trusts office facilities for matters of consultation from the Trusts membership at normal office times.

The Trustees will review and decide upon any appeal presented to them from the LPF Trust Medical Scheme.  Any such appeal must be based upon the Medical Schemes Terms and Conditions.  No appeal will be heard that is for matters of a clinical nature that is not covered ordinarily in the Terms and Conditions.  See appeal process.

The Trustees regarding the Group Insurance Scheme and Medical Scheme will review and decide upon any request or application for benevolent support from their membership.

The Trustees in accordance with each respective Trust deed reserve the right to make Benevolent, welfare or charitable donations to their membership or make any such donation that is for the benefit of the Trusts.

The Trustees of the Medical Scheme Trust by virtue of the LPFT Medical Scheme Trust Deed must utilise all profits to ensure that affordable private medical care is provided to its members and that the Scheme is managed and operated efficiently and effectively with financial provisions made to the Scheme to ensure its viability, ongoing development and management for its members.


The Trustees of the Group Insurance Scheme will ensure that all profits to this Scheme are used in accordance with the LPFT Group Insurance Trust Deed and that they can at their discretion make Benevolent, Welfare or Charitable donations that are for the benefit of the Schemes members.

Rules of Membership to Trusts Schemes

The Trustees reserve the absolute right to cancel or refuse membership of either of the Trusts Schemes to any member or applicant whose actions or deeds undermine the LPF Trusts and/or fails to fulfil their financial obligations to their continued membership or access to and use of the services provided by the Trusts. This may or may not be done without reason and at the sole discretion of the Trustees.

All members must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the LPFT Medical Scheme, LPFT Group Insurance Schemes and all other associated Terms and Conditions for services provided to our members.

Cancellation of Membership Process

The Trusts will in the event of being notified of a member failing to abide by the Trusts rules as indicated undertake the follow action;

First step will be to make a verbal communication with the member to advise that continuance of their actions will result in cancellation of membership. Should this fail then a letter warning the member that the continuance of the behaviour will result in cancellation of membership. If the first two stages have failed, then a final letter will be sent to the individual advising them that their membership is cancelled. This is final and there is no appeal process.

The Trustees Contact: – Ivan Stafford, Dr Andrew Patrick, John Hughes.