LPFT, as with many other companies and individuals, are having to prepare for the challenges and difficulties that the coronavirus is causing us as a business and that in turn is impacting upon our members of the LPFT Medical Scheme and the LPFT Group Insurance Scheme.

To help our members and to limit the calls and emails to us given he high demand that we are experiencing we have the following information and advice regarding Coronavirus.

When contacting us please use the following emails [email protected] or [email protected] , or ring us on 0116 275 9930 and leave a message and we will endeavour to get back to you asap.

LPFT Group Insurance

If you have had your travel arrangements cancelled by the travel company or have followed the Government advice please contact the insurers on 0330 660 0549 and quote policy reference DU9020AHA190.  Please be patient with them because they are inundated with calls, understandably and it may take some time to get through to them.  However, in the first instance please check with the holiday and or travel provider that you booked with as it may be that your insurance falls on them in part or wholly.

We have also included a link which detail advise for travellers from the Government https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus .

LPFT Medical Scheme

If you are in the process of receiving treatment from our providers Spire or Ramsay Health please ensure you keep in touch with the hospital that is providing your treatment so that you are updated when and if any changes occur to your appointments or treatment.

The Medical Scheme does not cover Coronavirus or any complications that may arise from having had it.

We will advise you all of any changes that may impact our services further as and when we are notified by local and national government advise in the meantime please can you all ensure that you following the advice for preventing the spread of this pandemic https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

LPF Trusts