Dear Members,

These are challenging times and I felt it is appropriate to give you an update in relation to LPF Trusts business through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our emails and phone systems will continue as normal as technology allows us to predominantly work from home. For business reasons we will have a presence at our office but we are closed to visitors.

Our emails are:

Group Insurance – [email protected]

Medical Scheme – [email protected]

Trust office and Lodge enquiries – [email protected]

Or call us on 0116 275 9930 and please leave a message to which we aim to reply within 48 hours.

The Group Insurance continues as normal other than the ever-changing travel restrictions. As you will know, there are many elements to the scheme, including life cover, legal cover, sickness, motor breakdown, phone insurance etc.

Sadly, some of our members have requested a part refund in relation to the travel element. This isn’t possible as the scheme is a complete package. If this position changes we will advise you accordingly. I hope that the majority of you understand this.

The medical scheme also continues. As you will be aware, the NHS is facing a situation like it has never had to before. Private hospitals are stepping up fill the void. In short, they will save lives.

Spire hospitals will be reducing our service provision in the short term for these needs which I’m sure the majority of you will understand.

Our counselling services and off-site physiotherapy will continue unaffected.

Once this situation is under control and normality returns, I can assure you that we and our partners will do everything in our powers to resolve backlogs. While a delay in non-urgent medical care may be inconvenient now, all will be resolved in due course. I hope that the majority of you stand with us.

Our thoughts and thanks are with so many working to get us all through this.

 In our small way, we will continue to work for you and look forward to seeing you all in better times.

John Hughes,

Chair of Trustees

23rd March 2020