In the first instance you should make contact with your tour operator, airline, accommodation provider or other travel companies to discuss options such as refunds, amendments or postponements

Alternatively approach your method of payment provider (ie. Barclaycard, Amex) to obtain a refund. 

Only if you have exhausted all possible refunds or rescheduling by these means should you then submit a claim for consideration to CSA (Claims Settlement Agency).  The hyperlink to their on-line claim forms are contained on our website under Group Insurance/Claims.

In any event do not automatically cancel your holiday, please ensure you take action as per the above guidance as your Group Insurance will not cover a cancellation claim in these circumstances, as it may be considered as “disinclination to travel”.

In addition to the above information claims for cancellation and curtailment will be considered but are unlikely to be paid if the holiday/travel was booked after the 13th of March 2020 in relation to Covid19.