See below a template we advice you use if you’re having trouble claiming back for your holiday.

Dear Sir/Madam

Booking reference: (Enter booking reference)

Further to the above holiday purchased via you under the above booking reference.

As you will be aware, we were scheduled to depart for an upcoming holiday to (Enter destination) travelling on (Enter outbound journey date) for (Enter holiday duration), returning on (Enter return date). Nevertheless, due to (Enter reason for cancellation/Why you seek refund) you have advised us that we will be unable to travel to or commence our holiday as per our booking.

We have recently made enquiries with you in order to establish our position with regards to obtaining a refund in the sum of(Enter amount seeking to refund). However, your recent correspondence advises us to revert to our insurer with regards to pursuing a claim against our insurance policy directly. Having made enquiries with our insurance company we must advise that they will be unable to consider the matter further until a decision has been received via you.

Having reviewed the matter personally it is evident that the holiday booked with you is ATOL protected. Therefore, any holiday should be protected with a view to providing assistance and financial reimbursement for any ATOL protected package holiday. It is my understanding that our holiday booked with you is ATOL protected. As a result, prior to referring the matter back to my insurance company, and before they will even consider such a claim, we will require you to confirm in open correspondence the reason why you are unable to provide a refund given that the holiday is ATOL protected.

I look forward to hearing from as a matter of urgency.

Yours faithfully

(Enter client name)