The aim of the Trusts is to provide affordable combined insurance and private medical care for their members and their families.  The Trusts have successfully achieved this through their products, namely the LPF Medical Scheme Trust and the LPF Group Insurance Scheme Trust. These products provide excellent medical services, welfare support, insurance cover and benevolence support for members and their families at their time of need. We aim to protect those that work to protect us and our society. The LPF Trusts also work with Leicestershire Police Force Benevolent Fund Committee to join up benevolent support and welfare provision where possible and in line with their respective Trusts.



The two Trusts were established in the 1980s. They quickly grew in membership especially because membership was not exclusively for Police Officers. In a relatively short period of time the Trusts became the entity that they are today in their own right. The membership of the Medical Scheme covers all serving and retired Police Officers, Police Staff of England and Wales, their families and extended families in perpetuity. Membership of the Group Insurance Trust is limited to retired and serving Police Staff and Police Officers of the Leicestershire Police Force.

Over the years the Trustees have provided many thousands of pounds in direct support of members in distress, whether that was financial assistance, benevolence or through provision of medical care.

There are no shareholders and any surplus made is ploughed straight back into the Trusts in order to keep subscriptions as low as possible.

This is your scheme run for the members and not for profit.


The Trustees


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