1.1  The LPF Trusts Group Insurance Scheme (henceforth in this document referred to as “LPFT”) owns the Windrush Lake Lodge at the Cotswold Waterpark (“the Lodge”) for hire on the Terms and Conditions set out in this agreement as self- catering holiday accommodation.

1.2  The Hirer is entitled to use and occupy the Lodge in the Terms and Conditions of this agreement at the agreed price rate.

1.3  This agreement only confers a personal permission on the Hirer (and the Hirer’s party) to use the Lodge for the duration of the Hirer’s holiday booking.


2.1 A deposit of £100 is payable on booking the holiday to be received by the LPFT within 14 days of booking. If the holiday is booked less than 14 days before the start then the full balance is payable immediately upon booking and no confirmation that the holiday has been reserved will be given until payment has been made. 

*This deposit is not refundable unless cancelled within the Terms and Conditions of the Lodge hire agreement .

2.2 Once the deposit has been paid the LPFT will then send confirmation that the Lodge has been hired for the period of that holiday and the balance of the hire charge due shall be payable 14days before the commencement of the hire period. 


3.1  If the Hirer wishes to cancel the holiday booking written, notice of that intention must be sent to LPFT office either by email or post.

3.2  If the reason for the cancellation is, and the LPFT accepts that it is, any of the reasons below then the LPFT will reimburse the Hirer in full. The Hirer is required to provide proof of the existence of the reason when cancelling. The reasons are:-

a. The Hirer becoming ill or sustaining injury;

b. The death, injury or illness of the Hirer or the Hirer’s immediate family or any person with whom the Hirer is travelling or is intending to travel; 

c. Compulsory quarantine, jury service or witness call (providing all necessary checks have been made prior to booking the holiday), subpoena or hijack of the Hirer or any person with whom the Hirer is travelling or intending to travel; 

d. The Hirer deciding to return to their home address as a result of death, injury or illness necessitating the return to the home address of any other person with whom the journey is made; 

e. The Hirer’s home becoming uninhabitable following fire, storm, flood, theft, subsidence of other serious damage; 

f. The Hirer’s presence being required by the police following burglary or attempted burglary at the Hirer’s place of residence. 

3.3 A notice of cancellation received by the LPFT for any other reason that set out in clause 3.2 above will be viewed by the LPFT and be assessed solely at their discretion. 


4.1  The Lodge can only be pre-booked by the Hirer up to six months in advance of the intended period of the hire of the Lodge and is always strictly subject to availability.

4.2  What is provided


5.1  The maximum number of persons permitted to occupy the Lodge is eight. The sleeping arrangements are only suitable for six adults and two children.

5.2  The Hirer must accompany the party throughout the duration of the period of hire of the Lodge.

5.3  No pets are allowed to accompany the holiday party or occupy the Lodge.

5.4  No smoking is permitted within the Lodge.

5.5  No more than 6 adults are permitted to occupy the Lodge.

5.6  During the period of hire of the Lodge, the Hirer must keep the Lodge and all furniture, fixtures and contents in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the period of hire and at the end of such period must leave the Lodge in the same state of cleanliness and order as at the start of the hire. The LPFT shall be entitled to raise an additional minimum £200.00 cleaning charge, payable by the Hirer, if extra cleaning is made necessary by the condition in which the Hirer has left the Lodge at the end of the hire period. Failure to pay this amount, if required to do so, may result in membership cancellation of the Group Insurance and Medical Scheme and if in neither a civil claim to recover the monies.

5.7  The Hirer is responsible for any loss and/or damage caused to the Lodge or any of its contents during the hire period and shall indemnify the LPFT against the repair and/or replacement costs incurred in rectifying or making good such loss and/or damage. 

5.8  In the event of the abuse of the Lodge by the Hirer or any person in the Hirer’s party, the LPFT shall be entitled to terminate the hiring forthwith and no refund shall be payable by the LPFT to the Hirer. In such circumstances those Hirers will not be able to hire or attend the lodge again.

5.9  The Hirer and all persons on the Hirer’s party shall use the Lodge at the Cotswold Water Park facilities in a responsible and courteous manner and shall not cause nuisance, annoyance or offence towards any other persons residing at, or using the Cotswold Water Park. Any breach by the Hirer, or any person in the Hirer’s party, of this clause shall entitle the LPFT to terminate the hiring forthwith and no refund shall be payable by the LPFT to the Hirer.

5.10  The LPFT shall not be responsible for the loss of any property or valuables belonging to the Hirer or any person in the Hirer’s party during the hire period. The Hirer and persons in the Hirer’s party are advised to make their own insurance arrangements.

5.11  The LPFT and the owners and operators of the Cotswold Water Park may visit the Lodge at all reasonable times during the hire period.

5.12  If the Hirer shall have any complaint about the Lodge, this should be made in writing to the LPFT within 7 days of the hire period.

5.13  If the Hirer chooses to leave the lodge during the hire period no refund shall be payable by the LPFT.

5.14  The LPFT, its employees nor its agents shall be liable to the Hirer or any person in the Hirer’s party for any loss, damage or personal injury during the hire period.

5.15  The Lodge admission time is 3pm (or after) on the Lodge must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.

5.16  The keys for the Lodge are located in a key safe, the code for which will be provided to you a few days before your period of hire.

5.17  Cards are located in the Lodge for the car barrier system at the entrance to Windrush Lake.

5.18 There are cards in the Lodge for the Spa at the De Vere hotel across the road. These are for 2 adults only. Children are charged at £5 each. Further information regarding how to use this and the rules for use is in the Welcome Pack in the Lodge. 


6.1  In the event of restrictions being placed upon the Trusts for the hire of
the lodge due to a national or global pandemic or infectious disease or other medical outbreak the following restrictions will apply. During such times and until advised by us directly of changes only hirers from the same household will be able to hire the lodge. Multiple or dual family hire will not be permitted. LPFT will not be responsible for checking the health of hirers prior to their stay at the home this falls to the hirer who must ensure they follow national guidelines on this.

6.2  All hirers will need to bring their own towels and ensure they are taken away and removed at the end of their hire. They will need to provide their own antibacterial wipes, gel and cleaning items for their stay and ensure the holiday home is maintained in a clean and hygienic state during they hire period.

6.3  If the lodge is closed due to a pandemic or other national or local medical emergency, then a full refund upon cancellation will be provided. No other payments for cancellations or disruption will be made. All other requirements will be as per the conditions of hire.

6.4  All hirers must ensure that they bag up all rubbish from all rooms and dispose of them in waste bins on site.

6.5  The hirer must also ensure all beds that have been used are stripped and the linen placed in the linen bag provided along with the single tea towel provided. Failure to adhere to any of these will result in an additional charge of £200 being raised to the hirer. Failure to pay this amount, if required to do so, may result in membership cancellation of the Group Insurance and Medical Scheme and if in neither a civil claim to recover the monies.