LPFT Medical Scheme Retired Benefits


The Medical Scheme is open to all serving and retired police officers and police staff in England and Wales. Cover can also be provided for a member’s spouse, partner, children and grandchildren. This additional cover then allows the partners, children, and grandchildren to be members in their own right.

The Scheme, provided in partnership with Healthcare providers, offers the benefits of private healthcare, immediate cover, self-referral physiotherapy, access to counselling and easy claim procedures.

We also now offer wellness sessions, in house with the Scheme Nurse. She can check blood pressure, BMI, blood sugar and cholesterol. Just give us a call to make an appointment.

You are eligible to join the Medical Scheme once you have retired and you will pay the age banded rate.

For full Scheme rules and rates click here

Should you have any further questions please contact them on 0116 2759930 or email them on [email protected]

LPF Insurance Trust Group Insurance Retired Benefits


Should you wish to remain in the Group Insurance once you are retired this will be done automatically and the money taken from your pension. The benefits are as mentioned above for a retired member. If however you come back as a Police Staff member please contact the LPF Trusts office as the benefits increase so they will amend payments back to your salary.



The Leicestershire Police Federation Insurance Trust Group Insurance Scheme offers this comprehensive insurance cover from as little as £27.30 per month.

Cover includes:

  • £45,000 life insurance
  • Worldwide family travel insurance
  • Motor breakdown cover
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • A telephone support counselling service providing access to a Personal Nurse Adviser
  • And, much more

For a full list of benefits click here

Leicestershire Police Federation Holiday Lodge


Members of the Leicestershire Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme, LPF Trusts Medical Scheme and the Trusts associate members can take an inexpensive quality break for reduced prices at the scheme’s holiday lodge. Non-members can also book the lodge but will be charged £150 extra on top of each of the listed prices.

  • Four bedrooms, one en-suite.
  • A family bathroom.
  • A downstairs toilet.
  • A fully equipped kitchen with a washing machine, microwave, fridge and freezer.
  • Widescreen TV with DVD player.
  • Wifi.